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Cross border innovation

Publish Time:2020-12-01    Views:19

Cross border innovation

Overall dimension (unit: mm) 

543 × 400 × 220mm

ABS integrated injection molding; the whole is smooth, without edges and sharp angles; it is divided into two layers, the lower layer is stored and stored; it can be stacked, convenient for transportation, with handles on both sides for easy handling; the table surface is made of wear-resistant and scratch resistant materials; the instruction board is placed inside the upper box of the exhibition box, with size ≥: 350mm * 110mm.
Function overview: 

Two people ride the horse at the same time, and let the horse gallop up. Utensils should not be overlapped, crossed or cut. They can be placed in any direction. Through the game, students can realize that the generality of any thing can be abstracted into the form of numbers, symbols, geometric figures, charts and other forms in mathematics, so any problem can also be solved by mathematical methods.
Main materials and configuration: 

Photo of color acrylic glue.